Silver Spider Life Coach

by Deliphone

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released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Deliphone Minneapolis, Minnesota

Deliphone is the spit-valve of the mind. The ice-cream scooper of shit from the mind. The vacuum, never you mind. A dull erase of time gone by, blurred lines in grey areas, and the relentless rotation from dreams to undreams and everything in-between. cetera...
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Track Name: Mrs. Meyer's Lavender
22 steps and still no closer.
I'm chasing down a snowflake in a snowstorm.
The monster's still there, but he's on a treadmill.
Or maybe it's me who's on a treadmill.
I wrote another song about dying.
On my word trapeze I'm death defying.
If I just tweak one thing my heart starts to sing.
Was that successful metamorphosis or just an echo of my yearning?
Track Name: Parrothead
Slow go (That's my logo)
Put it on my tab, watch through this rose-colored porthole
Slow go.
I'm on the road.
Sabbatical for life.
Each morning buy some new clothes.
Track Name: Symphony Pains
I can't stand the feelings that you weep,
'cause the feelings that you weep come to me now now now.
Track Name: is you, My love
is you, My love
is you, My love
it going on, You've got
is you, My love
of the world, I'm on top
is you, My love
is you, My love
is you, My love
Track Name: Tachyonic antitelephone
Blowing up balloons.
It's a party.
Blowing up balloons.
It's a funeral.
Blowing up balloons.
Some of them float away.
Blowing up balloons.
Some stay on the ground.
Blowing up balloons...
Track Name: Last Thursdayism
Time ain't never gonna do you no favors.
Time don't even know you're there.
There ain't never no tomorrow.
But time ain't ever gonna care.
Track Name: fall into the Gap
You should fall into the gap.
You should fall into the gap.
Life's too short to be *gnugh nugh nuh*
Too long to live it all down.
Style remains frozen if time is unbroken.
There is no escaping the ground.
Hold on to what you're holding onto.
Axis might flip the ground that surrounds you.
Like a dead star...
Track Name: Criterion Collection
You're the collared button-up I wear over a tee.
Not too tight with the perfect length of sleeve.
My weekend ensemble.
You match all my jeans.
I wear you every day but you never wear out.
You're the movie I had been dying to see.
Now the room it glows pink & seafoam green.
Criterion Collection Blu-ray/DVD
Commentary and Extended Scenes
Track Name: The Guinness World Record for Most Green Lights in a Row
You're three green lights in a row.
You're two dry tracks through some fresh fallen snow.
You're four green lights in a row.
You're a "thank you" wave amidst all these assholes.
You're five green lights in a row.
You're a toe-tapping song on the radio.
You're forty green lights in a row.
You're a lion tamer in a world full of snakes.
You are a blinker.
You're a blinker before the brakes.
A blinker before the brakes...
Track Name: Guess Jeans
Hitchy bon, Hitchy bongondo
I can understand forgetting to dot an "i",
but who out there isn't crossing their "t"s?
You're always moving forward.
Stumbled on clown shoes.
Through the looking-glass at magnified speeds.
A sigh stretched as wide as 100,000 light years.
Apathy deeper than a wishing well black hole.
Found the common ground on the end of a pin,
in a suicidal haystack with a shit-eating grin.
You have nothing more to say.
All good vibes vibe away.